We’re making a difference, one bucket of scraps at a time!

We are the aspiring kings and queens of composting and want to make a difference for our kids, grandkids and beyond. Join us in our mission!

Since 2020 we've done something *Magical*

We’ve been dreaming up ways on how to help people take responsibility for their waste. We’ve made it easy to take a few extra seconds out of your day and know that you’re making a good decision for your planet, your kids and future generations.

ScrapCycle wants YOU!

We want you to participate and make the small part of the world you’re in greener. Our plans for the present are Muncie, Yorktown and the surrounding areas. The future though… we want all of Indiana to be participating in composting and we’re going to make it as easy as possible for others to join. Sign up now and be a part of the solution.

About Us

I'm Bob Mattax. I work with software by trade, but enjoy all things outdoors and want to do something to make a lasting impact in my community and environment. It turns out ScrapCycle is doing that and I'm hoping that we can keep growing and keep growing our impact to more and more communities in Indiana, and someday beyond. My dream is to keep automating the processes and build a “guide” to make it easy for every community in Indiana to take a real hands-on approach to managing this portion of their waste stream and turning it back into the commodity it is: Life-giving soil!

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Have a burning question? Want to know more about composting? Bored or lonely?

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