Simple Composting Rules:

Composting at its core, really is simple. Just about anything that was once living, in the near or distant past, can be composted. We focus on just the plant materials. We avoid meat an dairy products ( though they could be composted ) because they add odor and pest problems.

been dead a while...


This is stuff that hasn't been alive for quite some time. Think wood, paper, leaves, cardboard, etc. You get the drift(wood)

Egg shells Nutshells Dry leaves ( No plastic bags please! ) Used mulch, such as wood chips and hay Pine needles Finished vegetable crops Shredded newspaper Sawdust Food-soiled napkins or paper towels Food-soiled cardboard (pizza boxes) Dried flowers Old potting soil Corn cobs Chicken or rabbit manure

recently alive...


This is stuff was recently alive. Things that you bought at the store and turned into dinner last night.

Fruits, vegetables, and their peels (including citrus and onions ) Coffee grounds (filters, too) Tea bags Fallen fruit Fresh leaves Green plants Seaweed Grass clippings Flower bouquets Prunings and hedge trimmings Weeds



This is stuff does not belong in your bucket. Please don't add these items

Animal protein scraps / dairy products (things that contain fat) Pet or human waste Glossy paper Plastic or glass materials Grass clippings that may contain residual weed killers Coal and charcoal ashes ( wood ash is ok though ) Diseased Plants