"So, what do I do?"

If you're new to this whole composting thing, its really simple.  All you have to do is take an extra second to look at what you're throwing in your trash and see if it fits into the Green or Brown compost categories.  If it does, toss it in your ScrapCycle bucket, and put the lid back on. 

"Where should I put my bucket?"

I would suggest putting your bucket somewhere that is easy to access, and will encourage you to actually use it. Many people store it under their kitchen sink, or in a nearby closet.  Others may want to keep it outside near their backdoor or in the garage.  If you keep it in a location more distant from your kitchen, consider using something like a "garbage bowl" to keep scrap and paper through the day, and then transfer it to your bucket when its convenient. I would recommend keeping the lid on unless you are opening it to make a deposit.


"What happens when my bucket is full?"

Congratulations! Mission accomplished.  We will be emptying your bucket every 2 weeks. If you're feeling like you're going to fill up your bucket quicker than that, let us know and we'll talk about dropping off an extra bucket.  On pickup days, lease make sure to have your bucket by your front door, or even better out by the road somewhere, and we'll take it from there.  We'll empty your bucket and replace it where we got it and you'll be all set for another 2 weeks.

"When does my bucket get picked up?"

We do pickups for everyone every 2 weeks.   You can subscribe to our calendar.  Here are some instructions on how to set that up. That's the easiest way to know when pickups are. If you haven't collected enough scraps to warrant a trip from us, just send us a note and we'll skip you one time.  If you're going to be on vacation over a couple weeks or months, send us a note and we'll put you on hold indefinitely and just wait for you to tell us when you've returned. 

"Do I get some of the compost?"

Yes!  How much?  We're not sure yet.  We'd love for everybody to get as much as they want.  We will give preference and priority to those that have made monthly donations and see how far that gets us.  Any compost that is left over will be sold or donated to local efforts that can use them to bolster local gardening and food creation.  We plan on using the compost proceeds to be our secondary income stream.

"How do I pay you for this service?"

Thanks for asking!  For now, we're going to keep this off the books and just get more people involved and encourage everyone to develop some positive habits to help reduce our impact.  Supposing things continue to grow, we will be asking for some help to cover the costs and labor involved in the future.  

"Can I donate to the cause?"

Well, I guess I won't stop you.  Feel free to give a donation and help us get more people involved.  We have a roadmap of how we would like to grow that will be published soon and link to "here". :)