Reduce your impact

With a minimal amount of effort you can reduce the amount of compostable waste going to a landfill.

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15% food waste 1

Almost 1/6th of our waste is food waste.  This is the easiest waste we could divert away from landfills.  With no additional treatment or work, simply by redirecting it to the right location, we can keep this out of landfills and instead be creating beautiful, life-giving soil.

53 Million Tons 1

Over 53 million tons of yard waste and wood debris end up in US landfills every year.  All of which could be composted or turned into energy instead of filling our landfills

25% paper waste 1

Of course the best place that paper can go is into recyclying.  But even today, a quarter of all waste is paper products. When the waste system you are a part of doesn't mandate or encourage recycling, then your paper and cardboard ends up in a landfill.  Instead, these materials could be composted!


We can make a difference and reduce the amount of stuff going into landfills and redirecting those materials to useful ends.  If we captured all of the compostables, we would reduce our landfill contributions by 45%.  Let's take that which would otherwise be useless and use it to contribute to local, beautiful soil which can in turn be made into life-sustaining organic fruits and vegetables.